Valentina Matvienko called for better involvement of GIBDD volunteers

Valentina Matvienko called for better involvement of GIBDD volunteers 18.04.2016 Better use of the capacity of GIBDD volunteers can help prevent road accidents. Such was one of the themes covered during the meeting of the Organizing Committee of the international congress Road Safety for the Safety of Life.

The Forum will take place in September and focus on the engagement of the Road Police with civil society institutions.

According to President of the Organizing Committee, Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, an increasing number of new work methods of NGOs is now emerging in the regions. The cities have developed movements against bad roads, parking violations and the practices of teaming-up with local road police to organize child groups to supervise and promote road safety. It will be necessary to analyze these practices and prepare a legal framework to spread those practices.

Valentina Matvienko mentioned, inter alia, the practices of Cossacks and road police teaming-up together to inspect road safety.

Minister of the Interior of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev reported on the recent positive track record in the number of people killed in road accidents, especially children, noting that further progress will not be possible without the help of communities.

Valentina Matvienko also stressed the importance of first aid after road accidents. She noted that every fourth victim could have been saved, had the right first aid been applied. Currently, some NGOs provide courses and trainings on resuscitation. Such initiative need to be supported as we move forward, added Valentina Matvienko.

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